Time Period

The Campaign takes place in the year 1 ABY. The First Death Star has been destroyed and the Rebel Alliance is on the run following it’s destruction. for player knowledge the events of a New Hope have all taken place, as have all the events of the prequel trilogy and the previous two campaigns. This is the final campaign to take place in this Trilogy, following Artefacts of Old and The Clone Wars Begin. It is a Tense period, where the Empire suspects those working against it’s ideals as being in league with the rebels. Your characters will be caught in between these two warring factions, suffering on the Edge of the empire where no voices are heard. you’re sympathies can lie with either side, but ultimately you and your crew are on your own in a galaxy in civil war.

The things you know and don’t.
  • Your Characters know that Luke Skywalker is responsible for the destruction of the Death Star, whether he is labelled Terrorist, hero or troublemaker is up to your character.
  • Lord Vader is a mysterious terror of a forgotten time. his powers are exaggerated by rumour and only those with knowledge of the force know he is a force user. The term Sith and Darth is not used, and only those close to the emperor know of his own powers. no one knows of him as Anakin Skywalker.
  • the force is all but forgotten and a rare few acknowledge the existence of the jedi. jedi are still hunted, though a rare few survive now, and claiming to be a jedi is a fast track for gaining unwanted attention.
  • Leia Organa is a leader among the rebel alliance, and those who know of Han Solo know he has been in the presence of Rebel collaborators, it is exceptionally bad to associate with either of these heroes during this time particularly if working for imperial contracts.
  • Keep in mind that the Empire controls everything in the galaxy, Stormtroopers can shoot straight and Lord Vader is someone everyone hopes to avoid drawing the attention of. Decisions such as aiding the rebellion should be seriously considered, the Empire is not insulted lightly during this fragile time.
Campaign Setting and initial start

The Campaign will be split into three parts, with a period of downtime between the major parts. the first two parts will be pre-written adventures for all of us to get a feel for the game, the last part will be written by myself and finish it off. The first adventure is a short two or three session part that will give people a chance to change characters, reallocate experience and generally decide if anything needs to be altered with house rules etc.

The Campaign will start on Nar Shaddaa, and Bargos the Hutt is a key character for the campaign. If any of you wish to use Bargos for an Obligation/contact, or Nar Shaddaa in your background, then let me know and I will give you some additional details, but other than that no other information is to be given until the campaign starts.


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