The Angels Hideout

The Angels Hideout is by all appearances an abandoned apartment in one of the Corellian Sectors cheap housing towers. It has actually been broken through to several other apartments and a landing pad no longer used by anyone.

The hideout is hidden from sight by a false wall and a console that requires a specific command code to access.

The Angels Hideout Consists of:

  • A small common room with connected kitchen
  • Rooms for Treyag, Bondo, Garrick and Dizzy, of which Dizzy’s is more of a workshop. (Well, yeah, she suddenly lives at The Baseā„¢ instead. Not complaining. I dunno where she got the bed though…)
    *A spare room which once belonged to Iwona Kessig, former Leader of the Angels.
  • A spare room for housing guests, should they have any.
  • An Empty Landing Pad

The Angels Hideout

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