Session Plan

The game of Edge of Empire is different in many ways to the wizards edition, as such here is a brief summary of how each session will play.

1. First session character creation, second session and above Spend XP awards of previous session

You are awarded XP on a session by session basis, and EOE encourages levelling in every session to represent your characters progress. levelling is quicker for EOE and you may find that you haven’t enough XP to buy anything in later sessions, or are saving for a particular skill or talent.

2. Destiny Point Roll

Every session each player rolls a force dice and adds light and dark destiny points to the groups sheet. Destiny points are EOE’s equivalent of Plot points and will be explained better when we sit down to play.

3. Obligation Roll
In the first session an obligation table will be created from all players obligations and a D% will be rolled every session by myself to determine if the characters are feeling the pressure of there obligations for the particular session. the table may be altered due to changes in obligation on any session, but won’t take effect until the following session.

4. Session takes place

5. Most valuable Player award
At the end of a session, the players and the GM vote for an XP award to be given to the player who:-

  • Contributed well to the storyline in some excellent or meaningful way
    *Stuck to there motivations or otherwise RPed to an excellent standard

This reward will be 1 or 2 XP for the player to spend on there character, and is subject to the following rules.

  • You can’t vote for yourself.
  • Players vote first, and a unanimous vote can be called if three players agree a single player is deserving.
  • in the result of a tie between two players, the GM’s vote will decide the MVP, which will default to the player who has not received the award in a while.
  • The player who won it last session cannot win it the following session. this is to ensure balance and fairness.
  • If players feel they all played to an excellent standard, the MVP defaults to the DM’s vote, which will go to the player who has not received the award in a while.

This award is a game rule that encourages roleplay, and should not be a source of resentment. the XP reward is meager but in addition to your other xp it could mean getting that extra skill point early. Should I feel the award is causing resentment this award will be excluded from future sessions.

Note: this doesn’t reward just good roleplayers, it rewards those who perform well, suggesting an excellent destiny point use, awesome actions for other characters are all things players should consider.

Session Plan

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