Special Agent Havelock Kriff


A human Imperial officer who wears the standard dark uniform and Security Bureau Trench Coat. he is bald with brown eyes, of average build and height.


Special Agent Kriff is responsible for seeking out the rogue experiment Subject 5776, better known as Lotus. He has already lost two agents to there skills and is reluctant to lose another. Because of this, Special Agent Kriff is working closely with the Inquisitorius to bring them and there companions to Imperial Justice.

Special Agent Kriff finally met one of the criminals assisting Subject 5776 at an impromptu visit to his dear friend, Denaral Reolm. Despite “Mr Sovax” insisting he wasn’t Kanto Harvoss, Kriff attempted to press the Zabrak into admitting it, going so far as to dangle the name of the Spy within there group that had been feeding him information. Kanto refused to give him the satisfaction, Frustrating the Agent so much that he left, and has vowed to wipe the stupid grin off the Zabrak’s face as a personal goal.

Special Agent Havelock Kriff

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