An Arc Trooper in the 411th Battalion, he has short hair and a scarred complexion. he is a dutiful and serious clone, but has a decent sense of humour, and cares about his brothers just as much as Fox.


Fox and Ironclad were some of the first wave of clones whose first combat experience was the battle of Geonosis. Ironclad got his name due to a risky gambit where he saved Fox’s life by leaping in front of him when a grenade went off. the shrapnel pierced his armour yet somehow he survived. After the name stuck, he welded parts of the shrapnel that cut his face and chest onto his helmet.

Ironclad and Dr Werne Farron shared a secret love affair, a dangerous practice given the laws governing Clone relationships, and the Doctors reputation.

Ironclad was killed defending Oshra Como and Mariy Farrons escape from Kamino.


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