Commander Fox

Clone Commander of the 411th Battalion


A clone during the Clone wars. he has allowed his stubble to grow and keeps his hair slightly shorter than most other Clones


Chosen Commander of the 411th Battalion, Fox and Ironclad were some of the first wave of clones whose first combat experience was the battle of Geonosis. Fox’s name is due to the cunning and sly tactics he has used several times during his tenure as commander. he has a reputation for causing his battalion to succeed with maximum effect at minimum loss.

Fox and the 411th were based on Kamino, but were occasionally called to battle aboard the Bastion, and were led for much of the war by General Izumi and Commander Como. The 411th was also responsible for much of Dr Werne Farron’s initial research into the clones, and were mostly her protectors.

Unknown to everyone, Fox and Oshra shared a secret love affair, a dangerous practice given the laws governing Clone relationships.

Commander Fox was killed by Ironclad during Operation Knightfall, before he was able to execute the order of fire against Nune Izumi, Ironclad and M3D-1.

“We lost a true soldier.”
“He really was one of us.”

Commander Fox

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