Tag: Kajidier Clan


  • Bargos the Hutt (Bargos Kajidier Tiure)

    Despite the severe damage caused to his face, Bargos is as sharp as he's ever been. Bargos Owns many holdings across Nar Shaddaa, and Hutt Space in general, and always on the lookout to achieve more wealth and power. Bargos expected the group to …

  • Varassh

    One of Bargos' Bounty Hunters, she has served him well in the past and has an impressive Kill rate and superb tracking skills. She is Bargos' best kidnapper. h4. Character Story Links She has no opinion of Kanto's companions Varassh despises Kanto, …

  • Genko

    Genko is Bargos' right hand man, and generally the one who handles his business arrangements. Genko is believed to be the one responsible in maintaining Bargos business as the Hutt's injury catches up with him, but this is only rumour.

  • Ric Doranna

    Ric was sent to Isotech to buy the Water Purifiers Kesk would use for his business. after setting up a clever background as a man going into the moisture farmer business, he managed to pull the wool over the Isotech business and get the purifiers his …

  • Meebo

    Meebo is a general Dogs Body, usually doing all sorts for various members of Bargos' Staff. He won't be anymore as he's now a general Dead Body.