Tag: Isotech


  • Reom

    Reom and his sister Shira took over Isotech from their father, Ropok. The family business has gone from strength to strength since Reom took over, but Reom's ambition is to provide the galaxy with the best tech available, and ensure it has an Isotech logo …

  • Shira

    Reom and his sister Shira took over Isotech from their father, Ropok. While Reom deals with the front of the business, Shira is very much the designer of much of the Black Market goods sold by Isotech under the counter. The Slicer Tools, encryption …

  • IT-3PO

    IT-3PO, also known as EyeTeeThree by Reom, is a droid owned originally by Ropok, Reom's Father.

  • Cratala

    Cratala originally worked in the Republic as a Cybernetic specialist and surgeon, However when she was approached by the Supreme Chancellor's Office to work privately for them, Cratala defected to the Separatists. Cratala has been with the Sa Nalaor ever …

  • Captain Rel Harsol

    Captain Harsol Defected from the Republic Armies to serve the Confederacy. during that time he served much of his career aboard the _Invisible Hand_, Alongside General Grievous. After serving with distinction aboard the Separatist Flagship, he was given …

  • Rewin

    Rewin served as an apprentice technician aboard the _Sa Nalaor_ towards the end of the Clone Wars. After the crash, she soon became one of only a handful of people to have the technical knowhow to maintain much of the retreats tech. Despite her age, she …

  • Ninan

    Ninan is one of the eldest members of the survivors of the _Sa Nalaor_. Despite his age, Ninan has survived the hardships of Cholganna. He left the planet along with Rewin and several others when the party arrived looking for Tech for Isotech.

  • Norta

    Amicable and Business minded. Norta is a quick thinker and very reactive to changing situations. He escaped along with the rest of Isotech to the freighter Iso One when the empire clamped down on Scrapheap Point.