Tag: Droid


  • EV-8D3

    EV-8D3 is atypical for a droid of this type. he excels in keeping droids in order and has a Sadistic love of inflicting pain on his counterparts should they fail to meet expectations. However this has been corrupted and warped by the Revolution …

  • IT-3PO

    IT-3PO, also known as EyeTeeThree by Reom, is a droid owned originally by Ropok, Reom's Father.

  • R2-B7

    Little is known about the Astromech the party found in the Oridelve Mines. But the droid was no longer present when EV-8D3 made his escape. Perhaps the droid aided his escape, or maybe it went further into the mines. no one knows for sure.

  • M3D-1

    M3D-1 was originally brought online at the commencement of the clone wars by the galactic republic to serve aboard the Venator class Star destroyer Bastion. After a particularly disastrous offensive by the separatists, the ship was boarded by battle …