The Dark Times

Debts To Pay

After finally paying off the remains of their debts to Breen the gran and his business, the Valkyrie 5 belonged to them. The party’s victory was short lived, as Kanto’s boss, Bargos the Hutt, summoned him with the prospect of the Zabrak finally being able to close his debts to his employer.

The magnanimous Hutt offered the group a chance to do him a favour in exchange for what, on the surface, was a blue milk run. To collect the first payment of 100,000 credits from his newly acquired holdings, an Oridelve mine on the planet Gavos, extracting oridium.

Seeing a chance to settle his debt, Kanto agreed. M3D-1 and Lotus both saw the benefit of having a Hutt owe them one, and together the group headed for the mine as Bargos’ representatives.

All was not as it seemed at the mine, and the party found themselves searching a deserted mine for the miners and whomever was responsible for their disappearance. After finding the miners, the party learned that they had inadvertently arrived during a droid revolution, and while they managed to quell the uprising, it’s ring leader EV-8D3 escaped on a transport ship into the galaxy.

After saving the mine from destruction by the droids plan to eliminate the storm generators, the party negotiated for Bargos’ first payment. The group were unable to acquire all the money Bargos wanted, and upon returning to the Hutt, found he was displeased with their lack of concern for the damage they (or rather the droids) caused in his mine, as well as the payment amount they returned with.

The party found themselves now owing Bargos, Kanto owing even more to his boss thanks to their efforts, and after being dismissed they now owed more than they had hoped…


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