Wookie Mercenary for hire


A large Brown Wookie with Brown Eyes, carrying a Bowcaster, Arg’Garok and wearing padded armour. His left arm is replaced with a cybernetic replacement.


Treyag has a long history, both in the Clone Wars and after. Along with Jace, Hegal, Zetta Vistas and Semaj Tram, Treyag helped to eliminate the revived Sith Lord Alicia Talzuk, and prevented her return to the galaxy as a whole. since then Treyag seems quiet about the aftermath and the Rise of the Empire.

Treyag now runs as part of the Angels of Nar Shaddaa, killing in the name of those who cannot stand up for themselves. Treyag is the most experienced and eldest member of the angels. but despite his superiority in the face of Iwona’s disappearance, he lacks the skills to lead the group, as well as only being understood by a couple of members of the Angels.

Treyag was hurt most by Iwona’s betrayal, though for what reason remains unknown.

Treyag has sworn a life debt to Kanto, M3D-1, Lotus and Aryana for there help destroying Nar Shaddaa’s shipyard.

Since the Corellian Sector Bombings, Treyag has supported Kanto with his loss, explaining with the help of Bondo that the loss of a limb does not change the strength of the individual, as well as explaining how to look after a cybernetic limb.

Angered by the Accusation of another Spy among the group, Treyag got in contact with a spy of his own, who had information not only on the Spy in there group but within Paladin’s resources. He and the Angels went to investigate, only to be attacked by the empire and the spy killed.


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