Sister of Reom, Black Market Technician


Like Her Brother, A Blue Twi’lek with an affinity for Mechanical devices and Computer tech.


Reom and his sister Shira took over Isotech from their father, Ropok. While Reom deals with the front of the business, Shira is very much the designer of much of the Black Market goods sold by Isotech under the counter. The Slicer Tools, encryption modules and nefarious programs designed by Shira are some of the best in the galaxy, and only the most skilled of ne’er do wells can afford there price.

Shira is very protective of her creations, only wanting them to be used for pursuits against those she feels are deserving. Robbing the rich to give to the poor (or themselves) and such. She and Her brother outright refuse to sell to people who would use there tech to prey on the weak or the downtrodden.


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