President of the Isotech Corporation


A blue Twi’lek with brown eyes, he is an entrepreneur and business minded, with an approachable personality.


Reom and his sister Shira took over Isotech from their father, Ropok. The family business has gone from strength to strength since Reom took over, but Reom’s ambition is to provide the galaxy with the best tech available, and ensure it has an Isotech logo stamped on it. He has hired the party to seek out the Sa Nalaor, a treasure ship that went missing at the end of the clone wars, which he hopes will further this goal. In exchange for there help, he is willing to help smooth some rough skin they have with Bargos the Hutt, a mutual friend of the business.

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Reom is fairly amicable with the group as a whole, but is a little less so with M3D-1, whom managed to outmanoeuvre the businessman.


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