M3D-1 is a standard model surgical droid, his left hand is the standard hypodermic injector attachment allowing rapid medical attention without the need for a fully equipped operating theatre.

He has recently upgraded his chassis for greater resiliency, replacing the transparent formplast panelling with reinforced plastiplate.


M3D-1 was originally brought online at the commencement of the clone wars by the galactic republic to serve aboard the Venator class Star destroyer Bastion.

After a particularly disastrous offensive by the separatists, the ship was boarded by battle droids, fearing for his life, an injured technician attempted to reprogram the nearby Surgical droid to attack the incoming forces. The technician did not have the skill or the time to complete the modifications however and was subsequently killed, sensing no threat, the battledroids left the offline surgical droid as it was.

Later when the Medical droid was brought back online by republic salvage crews it swiftly ascertained that something was wrong, several of its medical procedures had been unintentionally hindered by now deleted protocols such as “Bedside Manner” and “calming demeanour”. He swiftly rectified the errors and increased his operational efficiency by 17%. He now chooses to go by his serial number M3D-1 as a way to indicate that he alone is superior to the usual 2-1B surgical droid.

Now M3D-1 is driven by the need to optimise his medical abilities, he has determined that a more proactive approach is often better to prevent injury rather than just cure it and has found himself travelling with two companions that seem to provide endless opportunities to prove and improve his skills.

M3D-1 is disdainful of most droids, seeing them as little more than mass produced tools but does respect those that have gone beyond their original programming or developed a personality.


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