Kanto Harvoss

Mr Nar Shaddaa 5 years running


A tall, lean Zabrak with dark red skin, yellow eyes and an easy smile. He has long black hair, which he keeps down, fixed with random metal charms and red streaks. He wears smart, well fitting overalls and a nice jacket.

His left leg is cybernetic, but thanks to M3D-1 and Dizzy, it’s not noticeable under his clothes.


Kanto has been under Bargos the Hutt’s employ for many years, to varying degrees of success. This, combined with his childhood, means Bargos is the closest thing Kanto has had to a parental figure, and so he is, or tries to be, loyal to the Hutts. But the thing is… They have huge money. And Kanto wants it.

He considers himself silver tongued, and would much rather talk his way out of a fight than have to use a blaster (messy). He is also an incorrigible flirt and, given half the chance, pretty damn promiscuous a total floozy.

Despite being fairly thick skinned, he has a real dislike for being referred to as a criminal.

Kanto is aromantic. No “feelings”, plz.

Since returning from Bargos’ palace, Kanto has been avoiding contact with the group as much as he can while he works through what happened (read: avoids confronting his problems).

Much as he and M3D-1 don’t often see eye to eye, he’s fond of the droid, seeing him as a friend and ally, especially after the events of Life Day.

He’s never sure what to make of Lotus, but cares all the same. No matter what their background is, they seem to support him in their own way, and he likes to ensure he returns the favour where he can. He appreciates their silent support and hopes he offers the same.

Aryana is his confidant, but as much as he likes her, he’s reticent to show her vulnerability, as he has a tendency to take sympathy as pity, especially from her. He likes to take any opportunity to tease her about her and Bondo.

Bondo and Treyag have both shown a much softer side. He finds Bondo to be a calming and sensible presence, much needed in their group. After a bit of a pep-talk from Treyag, through Bondo, Kanto felt a bit of a kinship with him over their shared cybernetics.

Garrick is such an ass; basically Kanto’s younger self, and he hates that. Dizzy seems to be coming back around to their friendship, which he’s thankful for.

Kanto Harvoss

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