Kanto Harvoss

Zabrak smuggler


A tall, lean Zabrak with dark red skin, yellow eyes and an easy smile.


Kanto has been under Bargos the Hutt’s employ for many years, to varying degrees of success. This, combined with his childhood, means Bargos is the closest thing Kanto has had to a parental figure, and so he is, or tries to be, loyal to the Hutts. But the thing is… They have huge money.

He considers himself silver tongued, and would much rather talk his way out of a fight than have to use a blaster (messy). He is also an incorrigible flirt and, given half the chance, pretty damn promiscuous.

He is currently seeing Chie, a Twi’lek bounty hunter, after the two met while trying to jack the same ship. They had an instant chemistry, and met up repeatedly after their initial encounter. Kanto is very, very reticent to refer to her as his ‘partner’ or anything similar, but also, despite what he would like, slightly afraid to go beyond flirting with anyone else. He is, however, getting a bit desperate.

Kanto Harvoss

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