Sadistic Droid Revolutionist


A brown EV Supervising droid with yellow photo receptors and an armoured frame.


EV-8D3 is atypical for a droid of this type. he excels in keeping droids in order and has a Sadistic love of inflicting pain on his counterparts should they fail to meet expectations. However this has been corrupted and warped by the Revolution programming he now has, and EV-8D3 loves nothing more than the idea of oppressing the masters who once controlled him.

EV-8D3 was thwarted by the party in his initial attempt to kill all the miners and escape into the galaxy undetected. he has however succeeded at least in escaping the system.

EV-8D3 has since returned to the scene, being responsible for the Life Day Bombings, creating deadly droids to be used in the movement with the help of an off the books Assassin Droid Factory.


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