Arkanian Scientist with a Genius for Cybernetics


An Arkanian in her early 50s, she has the standard white hair and pale skin attributed to her species, her right eye has been replaced with a cybernetic implant of beautiful craftmanship.


Cratala originally worked in the Republic as a Cybernetic specialist and surgeon, However when she was approached by the Supreme Chancellor’s Office to work privately for them, Cratala defected to the Separatists. Cratala has been with the Sa Nalaor ever since, and is responsible for much of the Cybernetic advances of that era. Since the Sa Nalaor was lost, Cratala has been continuing her designs and experiments on much of the surviving crew and the local wildlife, though her creations now are made from Scavenged Parts.

She currently works in hiding for Isotech, who are able to distribute her products without too much attention from the empire.


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