Captain Rel Harsol

Captain of The Sa Nalaor


A grizzled Veteran of the Clone Wars in his Late 50’s he is a tanned human with scarring across his features and a distrusting countenance.


Captain Harsol Defected from the Republic Armies to serve the Confederacy. during that time he served much of his career aboard the Invisible Hand, Alongside General Grievous. After serving with distinction aboard the Separatist Flagship, he was given his own command of the Sa Nalaor.
When the Clone Wars ended, Harsol refused to acknowledge the order to shut down, and he and Cratala fled the imperial Pursuit, but not before Harsol put a contingency in place with Ropok, Reom’s Father.

Since returning to the galaxy, Harsol has taken up his business dealings as he originally planned, although he now owes reom a great deal more since his funds were handed over to the Yiyar Clan.

Captain Rel Harsol

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