C1-KR "Cluckers"

R3 Astromech Droid.


A Pink and Chrome R3 Unit with a Formplast dome, allowing people to see through her head. She has a strange affectation when she speaks and responds to people, ending her responses with Clucking.


Cluckers was created by Dizzy from parts of several R3’s and Boasts that she is her greatest creation to date.

Cluckers is a cheerful droid with all the charm of regular R2 units.

She is content to be around Kanto, M3D-1 and Lotus. which is just as well, as Dizzy has given Cluckers to them, (more particularly Kanto) to show her appreciation for there help, and… other reasons.

Cluckers is developing her personality quite well. She likes the companionship of her “Tall Friend” and is showing much of the ingenuity her other friends have in tight situations.

She is very protective of the Valkyrie 5 and it’s crew, going so far as to sass or electrocute anyone daring to gain entry without permission.

Cluckers is always ready to help her friends, fearing nothing, she has even zapped the Inquisitor!

C1-KR "Cluckers"

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