Bargos the Hutt (Bargos Kajidier Tiure)

Hutt Crime Lord and Kanto's Boss


Bargos is a rather odd-looking Hutt. He is long and lithe (Relatively speaking) and exceptionally slimy. His skin is pale green colour, patterned with motted bands of dark grey. Bargos was nearly slain in his youth by an assassin armed with a disruptor pistol. As a result his left eye and much of the left side of his face have been badly maimed, twisted into a lumpy mass of gastropod scar tissue.


Despite the severe damage caused to his face, Bargos is as sharp as he’s ever been.

Bargos Owns many holdings across Nar Shaddaa, and Hutt Space in general, and always on the lookout to achieve more wealth and power.

Bargos expected the group to investigate the Oridelve Mine he recently won from a rival hutt, and bring him his first profits. They brought back what they could after the mine had a droid uprising, and Bargos was most displeased with the amount they returned with. He doesn’t however suspect that Kanto or the others are holding out on him.

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Bargos has been displeased in the past by the parties efforts to assist him. Lotus and M3D-1 owe him as far as he’s concerned, but not more so than Kanto.

He finds Kanto to be useful, however he grows tired of the “distractions” he gets involved with and has cost him money in the past, and there is a limit to how useful Kanto can be if he puts a foot wrong.

Bargos the Hutt (Bargos Kajidier Tiure)

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