Aryana Maverick

Former Imperial Shuttle Pilot


An Olive Tan Corellian with short black hair that she has let down and hazel eyes. at present she wears a Red Flight Jacket, a cream top and grey flight trousers and gloves. she also has a holdout blaster she purchased on Nar Shaddaa.


Aryana was a simple transport pilot who thought she could increase the poor wage she receives under the empire by smuggling paint to the Drug Baron Kesks holdings from the Imperial Shipyard being constructed above Nar Shaddaa.

She’d sought out Kesk as a small time alternative to dealing with hutts or other major criminal organisations, thinking she could find anonymity among the small business. however this quickly turned sour when the Valkyrie 5 crew took out Kesk’s business swiftly and cleverly. Aryana was unfortunately on site during the attack and trapped in a bunk room by them. After dealing with Kesk, Kanto turned his attention to the frightened pilot, offering her a position with the crew. Afraid of the alternatives, Aryana agreed to work with them, but knowing they work for the Hutts, Aryana is finding it hard to accept her new employment, and is worried about the crews intentions, frightened most of all of Lotus, whom she is exceptionally afraid will kill her.

Aryana has been through a lot, but along with the Angels of Nar Shaddaa, Aryana is believing a lot more in herself and the others around her. She enjoys the company of Kanto, Bondo and Dizzy most.

Since the Bombings of the Corellian Sector, Aryana has gotten a lot closer to Dizzy and Kanto. She recognises how uncomfortable Kanto is about his predicament and keeps her distance regarding this, avoiding mentioning it until he brings it up.
She finds herself getting a lot closer to Bondo, enjoying his appreciation and thoughtfulness as well as the silences they share.
Bondo and Aryana have entered a relationship, and while Bondo is not exactly the most experienced of lovers, things seem to be going well.

Since the attack on Iso-One. Aryana has spent a lot of time between the Base TM and the Angels Hideout. she assures those who ask (mainly Kanto) that she is assisting Garrick in learning the intricacies of piloting the Stargazer.

Since Lotus attacked her at the Base TM while under the control of Darth Maxis, Aryana had considered leaving Nar Shaddaa altogether, fearing for her life. Kanto convinced her to stay and she and Bondo now share a room in the Base TM. Like Dizzy, they both split there time between there and the Hideout.

Aryana and Lotus have since made up, and while Aryana is still apprehensive around them, she’s seeing the changes in Lotus’ personality and is slowly coming to terms with the idea of a friendship with them.

Aryana Maverick

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