Agent Ossnan

Agent working for the Empires Secret Service


A Human with Dark Blonde Hair and blue eyes. he wears the black uniform of an imperial officer and a standard issue ISB trenchcoat


Agent Ossnan was assigned to the Sa Nalaor Case approximately three years ago. It wasn’t until he learned of the Hyperspace Message Pod that arrived on the Wheel that he picked up the trail. The Information Broker aboard the wheel, embittered by the lie he was told by Kanto about the pods location, offered the crew up as a revenge to Agent Ossnan. Armed with the Knowledge of the Valkyrie 5’s crew, he commissioned the Deep Dark scout vessel, and its crew to assist in hunting them down, being the only ship in the vicinity that could arrive quick enough to catch them.

Despite getting the drop on the retreat, he pulled back from there surprisingly well defended camp to request reinforcements. Lotus killed him when the survivors ambushed the imperial forces that were locking down there ships to prevent escape.

Agent Ossnan

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