The Dark Times

Welcome to the Jungle

Beyond the Rim Part 2

Arriving on Cholganna, the group scanned its surface for the Sa Nalaor. With the data they recovered from the message pod, their scans located the wreckage of a crashed ship and what appeared to be a ruined escape pod. Descending to the planet, the group struggled through the dense foliage, harsh terrain, and vicious creatures to locate the pod, finding a degraded record of its final moments. The pod crew mentioned both Captain Harsol, commander of the Sa Nalaor vessel, and a woman named Cratala, who was unknown to the group, but had something to do with the chancellor, now emperor of the galaxy.

With trajectory coordinates from the pod, the group successfully located the engine section and forward section of the Sa Nalaor, but only after being attacked by arboreal octopi and nexu. The forward section also had its own startling creatures; nexu, cybernetically enhanced to protect the ship. After a thorough search, the ship appeared to still be visited by people, perhaps survivors and, after a groggy sleep on the planet, they planned a second day of searching. But their attempts were halted when IT-3PO sabotaged the Valkyrie 5, keeping the crew on planet to await Harsol’s arrival. Unbeknown to the droid, the Yiyar clan, having already attempted to see off the Valkyrie 5 the day before, found the Sa Nalaor as well, and a tense exchange between the two groups was brought to a stop when Captain Harsol and the survivors made the scene.

Captain Harsol returned with both the Yiyar clan and the crew of the Valkyrie 5 to the retreat, a place the remaining crewmembers and Cratala were hiding. After a brief discussion and a tour of the retreat, both groups got into heavy negotiations. Kanto, M3D-1 and Lotus learned there was a lot of division in the retreat; several wanted to stay and others wanted to leave, and most were dissatisfied with the leadership Harsol provided. After a heated exchange trying to convince Cratala and Harsol to leave, the Imperial Security Bureau caught up to the Sa Nalaor, having been tipped off by an information broker on the Wheel. Panic gripped the retreat, Harsol’s paranoia nearly getting the better of him and Cratala’s fear of the emperor pushing her to her limits. Kanto and M3D-1 talked them both down, and after rallying them, attended the wall to see what the Imperials wanted.

A lance of scouts on speeder bikes, and probe droids accompanied ISB Agent Ossnan, who was at first amicable to the survivors and offered both them and the Valkyrie 5 crew tempting rewards. None of them trusted his word, however and, despite resorting to threats, the retreat remained stalwart. Knowing he was outgunned, Agent Ossnan called a retreat for the short term, giving the retreat time to evacuate into the jungle, or join up with the group or Yiyar clan, who agreed to a truce with the party in exchange for Harsol’s recovered wealth and a couple of Cratala’s aides.

The group headed for their ships, using some of Cratala’s enhanced cybernetic nexu to get the drop on the Imperial forces and escape in there ships to the relative safety of Raxus Prime.



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