The Dark Times

Toxic Motherlode

Beyond the Rim part 3

As the Valkyrie 5 arrived on Raxus Prime, with survivors on board, they were hailed by the Imperial shipyard orbiting the junk planet. Kanto managed to delay any sort of request to investigate the ship long enough for them to fly down to Raxus Prime, going so far as to infer they were having serious engine trouble. When it was becoming clear that this was a ruse, the TIE patrols sent to investigate attempted to make it a reality. With a few scrapes and damage to the ship, they managed to destroy much of the patrol, but a wrong turning nearly grounded the Valkyrie 5 permanently. The group used the accidental crash to their advantage, and the remaining TIE left the scene to call in support for the downed ship, while the Valkyrie 5 lurched away to Scrapheap Point.

Isotech’s manager of Scrapheap Point, Norta, was surprised when they arrived with the survivors, and gave them an extra bonus to use around Scrapheap Point while they waited for Reom to arrive. In the midst of their shopping, Norta caught up to them to take them around to a Jawa trade group who had arrived at Scrapheap Point later that afternoon. Despite the interesting creatures’ eagerness to deal, the group were all very aware something was off. Their suspicions were well founded, as one of the Jawa’s pulled a gun on Norta, who was ready for the sudden movement and batted his gun away, and threw a punch, revealing a Sullustan hidden behind a Jawa mask and robe. The party and Isotech were suddenly embroiled in an ambush by the Yiyar clan, and after fighting through Scrapheap Point, and the timely intervention of Reom and his heavy enforcers, who the party had been told were not here, they retook the facility, and rescued the survivors once again.

Reom apologised for his deceptions and rewarded Bargos for the party’s exceptional work, wiping out the debt they owed him, and lessening Kanto’s own burdens. Reom also promised more humanitarian work, as well as avoiding any relations with the Empire, which pleased M3D-1 and Lotus. Their victory was short-lived however, as Imperial patrols sought out Scrapheap Point, as the reports of the fight reached Imperial ears. With the group’s help, Reom revealed the wrecked corvette the Blockade Bandit, was not as wrecked as it had appeared and, with a few major repairs could at least get off the ground.
The group worked tirelessly with Isotech and the survivors, Kanto and Lotus returning to the Valkyrie 5 while M3D-1 maintained the corvette.

After a swift firefight both the Valkyrie 5 and the Blockade Bandit escaped into hyperspace, arriving safely at ISO one the rendezvous point. There the group parted ways, and returned to the galaxy to find further fame and fortune.



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