The Dark Times

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

Beyond the Rim Part I

After being shunned by Bargos and leaving the group with a further debt to pay, the group were finally given a chance to redeem themselves. Reom, Twi’lek president of Isotech Corporation had a job he wanted Bargos’ assistance with, and the Hutt used this as an Ideal opportunity to call in the group’s debt.

Upon reaching the Isotech holdings on the Wheel space station, they learned their employer was keen to find the treasure of the Sa Nalaor, a munificent class frigate lost during the end of the Clone Wars. Leads up to this point had been few and far between, however Reom had found a hyperspace message pod belonging to the original ship, which shed new light on the hunt for the ship. Reom wanted the group to head for Cholganna, the planet that was the last known location of the separatist vessel, claim the treasure, and rescue any survivors, then bring what they find to Raxis Prime, Isotech’s secret holdings on an Imperial shipyard world.

The party agreed to help Reom, if only to clear their debt to Bargos, and were soon asking around the station for more details on Raxis Prime, Cholganna, and the Sa Nalaor itself. After learning a great deal and getting what gear they thought they could do with, Lotus, Kanto and M3D-1 waited for Reom’s droid, IT-3P0, to arrive, as he would be useful when they reached the Sa Nalaor.

The droid was delayed and, when they went to investigate, caught the droid being kidnapped by members of Isotech’s rival, the Yiyar clan. After a chase through the thoroughfare of the station, the party retook the droid, saw off the Rodians, and fled the station to avoid repercussions from Wheel security about the damage they caused.

With the droid and data in hand, the party then made their way to Cholganna in search of the treasure…



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